Emotional Support for Empaths


An emotional support session is a safe space for you to process challenging emotions or thought patterns so you can reconnect to your innate energy to open new possibilities for love, healing, abundance, and empowerment.

Life can be overwhelming and confusing, especially as a sensitive soul. You do not need to go through it alone. Book your session today for an emotional support session to live in alignment with your greatest potential.


  • A blend of support, guidance, and insight from your astrology chart. However, in contrast to an astrology reading, an Emotional Support Session is a conversational collaboration where you'll be supported to contemplate, feel, and investigate what is in alignment for you right now.

  • I'll ask you lots of open ended questions about how you are feeling, what is important to you, your priorities, and will reflect back what I see, hear, and sense from you through the lens of your astrology.

  • Birth Time: If you have an exact birth time available (from your birth certificate, a family member's memory, or a baby book) that is ideal. If your birth time is unavailable, I may ask you a few questions to assess for your correct Moon sign. I will either set your chart for noon or as a "moon rise" chart.


  • After You Purchase: Once you purchase your reading on my website (below), I will email you within 24-48 hours. Please book your appointment using my online scheduler and download my intake form below and email to me at shawna @ empathastrology.com. I need this at least 2 days before your session to help us best focus our time together.

  • Zoom: All sessions are held via Zoom. The Empath Support Session is 60 minutes. I will email you a Zoom link on the day of your reading.

  • Recording: I do not record the reading. I recommend you have a pen and paper to take notes.

  • Confidentiality: Any information you share with me in your intake form and during the reading is completely confidential (unless you tell me that you have a specific plan to harm yourself or someone else). I will not share or bring up details of your life or your chart outside of the reading.

I'm honored and excited to do an Empath Emotional Support Session with you! I intend to provide an experience of connecting with a deeper understanding of your Self.


Empath Emotional Support Session

After you purchase your session, please:

Schedule your Session with my online scheduler

Download my Intake Form and email back to me at shawna @ empathastrology.com