Astrology Readings

I offer astrology readings on a variety of issues:

  • career/work

  • love, romance, relationship dynamics

  • family issues

  • life purpose, self-discovery, spiritual direction

  • all other topics

I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups.

My style is humanistic, person-centered, and collaborative. I use methods from many different astrological lineages including ancient/traditional techniques (Hellenistic), modern, psychological, and archetypal astrology to help you connect with the deeper parts of yourself.

Fees: Astrology Readings are charged based on time you spend with me:

$180 USD for 1 hour

$90 USD for 30 min

Astrology Readings are guided by your area of interest:

  • by topic/issue/situation (career, love, finances, etc.)

  • ask specific question(s)

  • learn astrology (1 hour minimum)

Find out more about what to expect by reading my policies.

Please email me at to request an appointment. Or schedule using my online system:

Flower Girl

"it was as if I had experienced a deep encounter with my Self, as if you had put a mirror in front of me and I could see a clear reflection of my entire being for the first time.”