Image by Heather Morse

Question Chart Reading


A detailed reading on any particular question. For insight on important decisions and transitional moments in your life.

This is also known as horary astrology. It typically does not involve your birth chart. It's best for when you have a specific question.


  • I'll create an astrology chart based specifically on your question to provide an answer and give insight in your question. Together, we'll analyze the circumstance, what lead up to this issue, and potential outcomes based on the issue and the astrology chart.

  • The Question Chart Reading will tell you what to expect for outcomes and how to best prepare yourself. You'll be able to make decisions and set your mind at ease.

  • Your Question can be yes/no or open ended. The more specific you are about what it is you really want to know, the better. Below are common questions people ask:


  • Will I get the job?

  • Will this job/position/promotion/career change be good for me?

  • How will this job/career/move impact my finances?

  • How can I improve my finances?

  • Is it best for me to travel this year?

  • Will it be best for me to move to this place or that place?

  • Is it better for me to shift careers, go back to school, or stay in my current job?


  • Zoom: All sessions are held via Zoom. The Question Chart Reading is 30 minutes. I will email you a Zoom link and your charts on the day of your reading.

  • Recording: I do not record the reading. I recommend you have a pen and paper to take notes.

  • Confidentiality: Any information you share with me in your intake form and during the reading is completely confidential (unless you tell me that you have a specific plan to harm yourself or someone else). I will not share or bring up details of your life or your chart outside of the reading.

I love doing these readings to help you find clarity and set you mind at ease during uncertain times. My intention is to collaborate with you to uncover your most beneficial unseen possibilities.