Venus & Enchantment

I'm writing to you as I contemplate Venus, and Venus Retrograde.

When I think about Venus Retrograde, I think of possibilities for re-enchantment of life. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, ascetics, pleasure, relationships, sexuality, sensuality, and enchantment. To enchant is...

  • to attract and delight, to charm; entrance

  • to cast a spell over; bewitch

  • to influence the natural world by magical rituals or rites

When a planet is retrograde, its symbols are emphasized and we get to contemplate our life circumstances more deeply. Of course, this can involve revisiting situations or relationships (Venus) from the past. But I view of Venus Retrograde more of a contemplation period:

Reflection questions for connecting with Venus and/or Venus Retrograde:

  • How do you find joy in everyday life?

  • What is your relationship to pleasure?

  • What is your attachment style and how do you feel about that?

  • What is your love language + do you share it with loved ones?

  • What are you craving now to create deeper and more meaningful relationships?

  • If your needs are not being met in relationships, why might that be?

  • When do you feel sexy, enchanting, and delightful?

  • Are there rituals or rites you'd like to explore to further your relationship with yourself?

These are all helpful questions for self-inquiry to connect with your natal Venus or transiting Venus/Venus Retrograde.

In my work with clients at the moment, I'm especially looking at Venus Retrograde in their personal horoscope ( aka natal chart) to see where Venus is positioned at a personal level and what parts of their chart (psyche) are being activated by this Venusian re-enchantment process. It's fascinating how much can be illuminated by working with the planetary symbols! If you're interested in working with me for an astrology reading or spiritual life coaching, you can find more information here. Wishing you much love, joy, and deeply meaningful experiences contemplating Venus <3



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