Astro Psyche Podcast, Episode 1: Exploring Depth Psychological Astrology

Updated: Apr 23

In episode 1, astrologer Shawna McGrath set intentions for this podcast, gave listeners an idea of what to expect, and reviewed selected writings from psychoanalyst Carl Jung on the psychological value of astrology. Subscribe to Astro Psyche on iTunes or Spotify. References:

  • Jung's Studies in Astrology: Prophecy, Magic, and the Qualities of Time by Liz Greene (2018), p. 31 and p. 17-18

  • C.G. Jung, Letter to B.V. Raman, 6, September 1947, in Jung, C.G. Jung Letters, Vol. 1, pp. 475-76

  • C.G. Jung, Letter to Andre Barbault, 26, May 1954, in Jung C.G. Jung Letters, Vol 2, pp. 175-77

Disclaimer: this podcast cannot substitute for legal, medical, business, or financial advice, or professional mental health care.

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