Image by Garidy Sanders

Empath Archetype Reading


An assessment of your natal chart and recent transits to determine your personal Empath Archetype including: psychic gifts, temperament, stress-management suggestions, challenges & how to work with them, ideal career choices, self-care recommendations, relationship dynamics,  and recommendations for psychic cleansing.


  • An analysis of your entire birth chart (natal chart) from and empath and highly sensitive person (hsp) perspective. While I'll be analyzing your chart as a whole, it will be specifically focused on your personal chart signatures that symbolize empathic temperament, high sensitivity to sensory experiences, intuitive and psychic abilities, and relationship dynamics. 

  • This assessment may include recent transits of Pluto and Neptune. It's possible to have an "awakening" of your empathic abilities from a transit or other external factors.

  • Emphasis on your Rising Sign, your ruling planet, Moon, North & South Nodes, the Houses indicating empath/hsp qualities, and aspects of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune. Interpretations include consideration of sign, house, planetary dignity (is the planet a benefit or a challenge to you), and aspects.

  • Based on your planetary signatures symbolizing your personal empath archetype, I'll recommend specific practices for self-care, psychic cleansing (both intensive and regular practices to keep your energy bright), and areas where you can channel your empathic gifts.

  • Overall, this reading is intended to help you get a closer view of how you sense, process, and integrate subtle energy. Empathic people are highly unique and we all have different gifts and relationship styles. The better you know your own style & temperament, the more you can make the most of it!

  • Birth Time: If you have an exact birth time available (from your birth certificate, a family member's memory, or a baby book) that is ideal. If your birth time is unavailable, I may ask you a few questions to assess for your correct Moon sign. I will either set your chart for noon or as a "moon rise" chart.


  • Zoom: All sessions are held via Zoom. The Empath Archetype Reading is 60 minutes. I will email you a Zoom link and your charts on the day of your reading.

  • Recording: I do not record the reading. I recommend you have a pen and paper to take notes.

  • Confidentiality: Any information you share with me in your intake form and during the reading is completely confidential (unless you tell me that you have a specific plan to harm yourself or someone else). I will not share or bring up details of your life or your chart outside of the reading.

I'm honored and excited to do an Empath Archetype Reading with you! I intend to provide an experience of connecting with a deeper understanding of your Self.