Astro 101:

Interpreting Your Birth Chart

as a Spiritual Practice

Spring 2021

In this virtual weekly course, you'll learn the basics of how to interpret your own birth chart with ease, skill, and integrity.

You'll come away with:

  • a deep understanding of astrology and yourself from an astrological perspective

  • practical applications of the different planets/houses/aspects in your birth chart and how they relate to your emotions, behavior, beliefs, and relationships

  • basic astrology skills to work with your birth chart as a guide to life purpose, relationships, career, finances, and self-development

  • the ability to interpret your birth chart as an ongoing and progressively deepening spiritual practice


  • Weekly live classes via Zoom with open Q&A

  • Recordings of each class with handouts

  • Weekly study assignments & discussion forums to help you reflect on and integrate what you're learning

Starting in Spring 2021

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