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An interpretation of your natal chart for career & vocation including potential paths that are most in alignment for you, potential skills, assets, and how to work with challenges in your vocational path.


  • An analysis of your entire birth chart (natal chart) specifically focused on career and vocation including the types of potential career paths that are most beneficial and authentic to your nature, temperament, skills, and resources. Most people are best suited for work in certain fields, industries, or areas of focus based on their temperament and innate talents (and sometimes a bit of destiny too!) But most often, we end up selecting a job based on pressures from family or society instead of what makes us feel alive. This reading will not tell you about the career you have, or will have - it is NOT a prediction. Rather, we look at your potential when it comes to vocation What is your calling? What are your natural talents and where can they be of the highest appreciation and value? What type of work would you find truly fulfilling, exciting, and engaging at a soul level?

  • We work with your astrology potentials as well as your current life situation. Do you need more education or training to pursue a certain career path? Is it best for you to go back to school now or research and plan for a different planetary period?

  • Assessment of your natal chart regarding potential experiences, assets, and challenges being an entrepreneur or manager. It can be exciting and scary to start your own business or take on a management role. We all thrive in different circumstances with varying levels of predictability, security, and responsibility. Find out what your natal chart says about your ability to start, run, or manage a business. Prioritize your needs and work with your astrology to take advantage of your energy w

  • Analysis of your ideal clients.

  • within the houses, areas of emphasis, and how the planets may manifest in your life to develop your personality, focus, where you shine, and how to work with challenging areas.

  • Interpretation of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto) and how they bring a powerful impact to your life with gifts & challenges.

  • All of this will be integrated through a whole view of your chart. We will focus on certain signatures that are personal to you based on your birth chart, and how to make the most of those. However, all things are connected and we'll be using this holistic/whole view of your birth chart and your life to make an assessment of you & your life's essence.

  • Throughout the session, I will talk about your character profile, your natural gifts and areas where you will be most lucky. I'll also talk about relationship patterns, family dynamics, finances, and career options. This will provide you with insight into your truest and most authentic nature. It is not intended to be a prediction of how you are. Rather, it's an assessment of the potential energy inside of you - this may manifest throughout your lifetime. Astrology is all about potentials! And when you know your potentials, your nature, and your essence, you can make conscious decisions to move in that direction for greater fulfillment.

  • Depending on your current situation, your natal chart emphasis, and where you'd like the most insight, we will focus on any of these areas (career, relationships, family, finances, etc.) with more depth of focus.

  • Review & interpretation of your transits over the next year. I may also use secondary progressions, a solar return chart, and profections. This will show you what type of energy to expect for the year ahead and how to best prepare. Take advantage of beneficial transits and mitigate challenging transits.

  • I will focus specifically on transits of Saturn (challenges, putting in effort, creating foundations, letting go) and Jupiter (opening up to new possibilities, abundance, connections, & prosperity). Depending on your birth chart make-up, we will also review other planetary transits that will be most impactful to you personally based on your chart (retrogrades, eclipses, planetary returns, etc.). As with your birth chart, this is not about prediction. It's about looking at the energetic astrological weather to see what symbolic themes will be most present in your life - and how to make the most of it!

  • If you will have transits involving the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) I will give special attention to these as they have powerful transformative impacts that stay with you over your lifetime. An outer planet transit is often deeply intense, challenging, yet sacred and transformational to your core.

  • Birth Time: If you have an exact birth time available (from your birth certificate, a family member's memory, or a baby book) that is ideal. If your birth time is unavailable, I may ask you a few questions to assess for your correct Moon sign. I will either set your chart for noon or as a "moon rise" chart.


  • After You Purchase: Once you purchase your reading on my website (below), I will email you within 24-48 hours. Please book your appointment using my online scheduler and download my intake form here and email to me at shawna @ I need this at least 2 days before your session to help us best focus our time together.

  • Zoom: All sessions are held via Zoom. The Complete Astrology Reading is 90 minutes. I will email you a Zoom link and your charts on the day of your reading.

  • Recording: I do not record the reading. I recommend you have a pen and paper to take notes.

  • Confidentiality: Any information you share with me in your intake form and during the reading is completely confidential (unless you tell me that you have a specific plan to harm yourself or someone else). I will not share or bring up details of your life or your chart outside of the reading.

I'm honored and excited to do a complete astrology reading with you! It's a lot of information. I intend to provide an experience of connecting with a deeper understanding of your Self.


Career & Vocation Astrology Reading

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