What to Expect & How to Prepare for your Astrology Reading

Shawna McGrath


 (619) 246-4546


Confidentiality: Your working relationship with me, your astrology chart info, and all information you share with me will be kept strictly confidential, except if: you present a physical danger to self or others, or if child or elder abuse is suspected.

I will never share your astrology chart on social media or in an astrology course or workshop without your permission and informed consent.

Fees: The cost for an astrology reading is based on the time you spend with me. My hourly rate is $180 and I currently offer sessions in 1 hour or 30 min increments. Payment is due when you book your appointment.

What's Included: This depends on what you want to focus on/get out of the reading. Before your reading, spend some time writing down a few things you'd like to make sure we focus on, and any specific questions you'd like to ask. Your astrology chart is deep, complex, and could be studied for a lifetime. There is too much to cover in just one session so it helps to let me know what you want to prioritize.

Planning for Your Reading: Astrology readings are a sacred experience and require your undivided attention. Please plan to be in a quiet space without distractions. I cannot provide a reading if a person is driving in the car, multitasking, in a public place like a restaurant, or intoxicated. Astrology is a spiritual practice that works best when we are alert and present.

Birth Time: It's best if you have your exact birth time or the approximate time of day you were born. But an exact birth time it isn't required for a deeply meaningful astrology reading.

If you're unsure of the time you were born, you can request a copy of your birth certificate from the state where you were born, or ask a family member.

If we're not sure about the exact time you were born, I will use your Moon as the ascendant/rising sign.

Recording: I do NOT record sessions and recommend that you take notes or simply relax and enjoy the experience. You are welcome to record the session if you like. Please note that Zoom does not record if you login from your phone.

The Week of Your Reading: to get the most out of your reading:

  • Contemplate: write down a few notes on what you'd most like to get out of the session - general topics and/or specific questions

  • Dreams: write down and reflect on any dreams you have in the week or so prior to and/or following your astrology session. You're welcome to bring the dreams to your astrology session as they often have something to say about your current situation.

  • Meditate: find a couple times to connect with your Self and/or your spiritual guidance team, deities you work with, helpful ancestors, etc. to connect and ask for their assistance and clear guidance to come easily in your path ahead.

During the Reading: I'll start the reading by asking you what inspired you to book an astrology reading or if there's a specific area that you'd like to focus on.

Then, I'll discuss the themes and symbolic patterns I see in your astrology chart. At times, I may ask you, 'does that resonate?' or 'is that your experience?' Feel free to affirm, elaborate, or ask me about a specific situation if you want to go deeper into a particular life situation or symbol.

Also feel free to interrupt me at any point in the reading if you have a question or want clarification on something. The natal chart alone is a vast topic that we could explore for a lifetime. If you have a specific issue you'd like to explore, it's helpful for me to know.

Cancellation and Rescheduling: At least 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason. The fee will be charged for missed or rescheduled sessions without 24 hours notice. Please phone me if you are running more than ten minutes late.

Disclosure of Limitations: Astrology consultations cannot substitute for legal, medical, business, or financial advice, or professional mental health care.

Astrology is a symbolic language of psyche (soul). It tells us about potential, choice, and patterns. I do my best to interpret these patterns by opening a contemplative conversation with you about your authentic potential, choices, and empowerment. Nothing I say is absolute, it's simply my perspective and opinion. Use your discernment and intuition to take what truly resonates with you.

After Your Astrology Reading: Take time to relax, jot down any notes or musings. At times, an astrology readings can bring up more questions to contemplate. Make note of dreams you have in the days or weeks following your reading as they may provide additional information or guidance.

As new layers of insight are revealed, there is more to know. It's best to write down additional questions/contemplations and schedule a follow up astrology reading when you feel ready.