Welcome! My name is Shawna McGrath, I'm an astrologer based in California.

I was introduced to astrology on my 16th birthday when my grandma gifted me with a big book on astrology. I was amazed at how the signs and elements intuitively resonated.

As I made my way in the world, I studied astrology, yoga, reiki, psychology, meditation, and other spiritual modalities while I worked in real estate for over a decade. In 2014 I shifted out of the corporate world to create my own private practice as an astrologer. Since then I have worked with individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate a space for healing and transformation through the art of astrology.

I studied astrological planetary conditions with Demetra George and completed my undergraduate degree at Arizona State University where I studied psychology and anthropology.

I am currently a master's degree candidate for counseling and depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

I offer astrology sessions to individuals, couples, and families around the world. All ages, ethnicities, religious/spiritual backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations are welcome.